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WHO: Everyone!
TONE: Light
RATING: G and up
WHEN: September 1st
WHERE: The Great Hall and so on
WHAT: 4th wall log for the start of term feast and endgame
STATUS: Ongoing

For once, the sun is shining brightly as the Hogwarts Express makes its way to it's destination. It's been a long Summer, but now it's time to leave behind all the playing and mischief in order to go forth and be productive students- haha, as if that's going to stop anyone!

The arrival at Hogwarts is cheerful and exciting. There seem to be lots of new people here this year, both students and professors alike. Everyone seems to be excited to start the new year off, and the elves have outdone themselves this year. The start of term feast is delicious and full of all kinds of deliciou food. The sky above the Great Hall features a crystal clear, brightly shining moon and twinkling stars.

As the feast ends, Dumbledore will rise and make his usual announcements- but the difference is, he doesn't send everyone to bed. Instead, he claps his hands and the tables move out of the way and music starts playing. He says that tonight is a very special night! It marks the 1000th year anniversary that Hogwarts has been open! So a party is being thrown in honor of such a special occasion!

Over the course of the night, as if the castle itself wants to get in on things and make it's impact, some people will find that they are more prone to opening up. They won't exactly spill their guts, but if they have feelings they wish to share with someone, then they'll find themselves much less inclined to keep shut on them. This will carry on all night, and well into the next day or two.

So mingle, have fun, and try not to indulge in too many desserts! You do still have class tomorrow.
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WHEN: July 29th - August 12th
WHERE: Orlando, Florida.
WHAT: A non-mandatory trip to America in order to experience the magical culture and to practise integrating with Muggles for those studying them.
STATUS: Ongoing!

It had been a mad rush preparing to send well over a hundred students through to America, but with only a few minor slip ups the budding travellers have made their way there! Of course, they're rooming in wizarding areas of Orlando! Can't have any magical mishaps around American muggles or you may well end up on jail, or worse, day time television.

Their schedule is full to the brim, so try to keep up. There will be a lot of early starts as they roam through the rich history that American wizarding villages can provide, but the real fun for most will be the muggle studies factor of the tour. Students are expected to blend in seamlessly whilst introduced to fantastical muggle concepts such as PUBLIC TRANSPORT, THEMED PLAY PARKS and worst of all MUGGLE FASHION.

Use of magic is, of course, not tolerated and is a crime punishable by the ministry. There are several teachers about and they're watching students like hawks.

Have a pleasant trip, students
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WHO: Tony and Jane
TONE: easy going, possibly quite nerdy.
WHEN: (Backdated) July 19th
WHERE: Jodrell Observatory
WHAT: Tony shows Jane the Delta Aquarid meteor shower, from the best observatory in the UK.
STATUS: Ongoing!

Onwards, not downwards, and always twirling! )
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WHO: Everyone!
TONE: Light
WHEN: July 12th - 15th
WHERE: The Music Festival in Aberdeenshire
WHAT: Muuusic!
STATUS: Ongoing!
Ah, the sound of music. It's not always a pretty sound- definitely not. While there are plenty of good bands at the festival, there are also plenty of pretty awful ones trying to make it big. But that's okay, because it's still a good time! Look at all of those stages, look at all that festival food. Four days of music, fun and awesomeness! So walk around, enjoy the music, maybe enter the singing competition they have each day.

But wait! Even if you aren't musically inclined, guess what? Shortly after arriving, you begin to feel the sudden urge to sing, too, even if you might sound like a dying whale. Eventually the urge is going to get so great that you just have to break out into song. Or you might just sing randomly throughout the day, if you give into the feelings. It really depends on your willpower! Either way, you will sing. It looks like all the spells used to make this happen have had unintended side-effects.

That won't stop you from having fun though, right?


Jul. 6th, 2013 06:44 am
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WHO: Bro and Murdoc
TONE: Rainbows
RATING: PG13 because Bro
WHERE: Murdoc's prissy pureblood palace
WHAT: Bro is a dumbass
STATUS: Ongoing

[Being alone was hard. He'd thought the few school breaks during the semester were difficult, but Summer? Man, that was the worst. When you were so damn used to having someone and then trying to adjust to not being around them every day, it was really goddamn hard. It tended to make someone do stupid things.

Like buy animals.

He had a reason, though! He was walking down the street and it was just there. And the first thing he'd thought of was Murdoc when he looked into it's face. How, he isn't sure. Because Murdoc is far from adorable like that. He's just adorable in his own way. His own sexy, beautiful way and goddamn he really missed the guy. So when he saw the dog, it was as if he absolutely had to get it. He was aware of how dumb and borderline cliche it was, but that didn't stop him. He could pass that off as irony.

Bro was pretty damn sure Murdoc would love it. How could you not? It was fucking tiny and adorable and could fit in the palm of your hand. What wasn't to love? So after a rather traumatizing apparation to Murdoc's house, he stood outside of the door. The dog was kind of shaky because of it, but he was pretty sure it'd be fine after a moment.

Without hesitation, Bro knocks on the door, before moving to hold the puppy behind his back.]
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WHO: Marshall Lee and Arthur Kirkland
TONE: Mostly lighthearted
RATING: R for Marshall swearing
WHEN: Friday
WHERE: Marshall's not-so-creepy apartment that happens to be under a graveyard.
WHAT: Hanging out and possibly getting Marshall new furniture.
STATUS: Ongoing

Visiting with a Vampire )
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WHO: Rhys Rhydderch, Kurloz Makara, Dolores Maryam
TONE: All over the place
WHEN: Various times during the holidays
WHERE: Rhys's goat farm in northern Wales
WHAT: Summer visits
STATUS: Ongoing

When I'm driving the tractor on the drug farm. )
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WHO: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson, Steve Rogers, Jane Foster.
TONE: Family Friendly
RATING: PG at best
WHEN: Second week into the holidays
WHERE: Tony's manor
WHAT: Movie Marathoning
STATUS: On going

Yippie-kai yea! )
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WHO: Bro and Dirk; EDIT: I lied it is now an open post.
TONE: Is dumbassery a tone?
RATING: PG-13 for Striders
WHEN: Backdated to forever ago like June 4th or something obscene like that
WHERE: 5th year Slytherin dorms
WHAT: Dirk wanted Bro to show his love so he is doing it in the most ironic way possible
STATUS: Ongoing!

He'll be your french boy. )
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WHO: Jane Foster and Thor (could be open to anyone else too :D?)
RATING: PG, PG13 tops
WHERE:  outside 
WHAT: Jane’s birthday was the 9th of June. Time to celebrate :D
STATUS: Ongoing

Jane never makes much out of her birthday – it’s always at the end of the school year and in the middle of finals and there’s never much time to do anything. This year, it’s not any different; plus – it’s on a Sunday. Everyone’s doing other things and enjoying their weekend (or studying), and Jane herself is perched on a table somewhere outside and scrawling doodles and notes in one of her books, quill scratching over the parchment paper.
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WHO: Tony and Bruce
TONE: Fluffy and potential naughty teen shenanigans
WHEN: Backdated to night of Tony's birthday
WHERE: Room of Requirement
WHAT: Bruce got Tony a birthday present but decided to wait until late to hand it over
STATUS: ongoing

Bruce told Tony to meet him at the Room of Requirement after dinner, a bit before curfew so they wouldn't be missed. He was just sitting in the room - this time a rather comfortable place that almost looked exactly like the Ravenclaw common room - by the fire, Tony's present neatly wrapped and tucked under the couch cushion. He knew Tony had friends eager to give him birthday greetings and presents, so he'd come prepared with a book, waiting for the too popular teen to show up.
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WHO: Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, and everyone else
TONE: Twins being twins, so humor
RATING: G, M for Dave's mouth
WHEN: 6/13/13
WHERE: Everywhere
WHAT: Dave and Rose are switching places for the day, since they haven't yet done the Twin Thing.
STATUS: Ongoing

The troll twins are loose in the castle. They've switched everything from their clothes to their hairstyles to even their eye colors, thanks to colored contacts. Dave has even temporarily parted with his sunglasses for the sake of the illusion. The fact that they never needed to resort to a polyjuice potion is rather scary.

Have fun, Hogwarts!
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WHO: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw Quidditch teams, NPC commentator
TONE: Competitive!
WHEN: Monday, June 10th
WHERE: Quidditch pitch
WHAT: Final match of the year!
STATUS: Completed


Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is. )
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WHO: Marshall Lee and you
RATING: PG-13/R (for potential swearing)
WHEN: Monday before the last day of school.
WHERE: The Music Room
WHAT: Rehearsals for Marshall's flash mob
STATUS: Ongoing

Sure is Glee up in here )
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WHO: Gryffinclaw and Slytherpuff staff teams, NPC commentator
TONE: Competitive!
WHEN: Saturday, June 1st
WHERE: Quidditch pitch
WHAT: Staff match!
STATUS: Completed


There's always competition out there. That's what makes life exciting. )


May. 28th, 2013 11:57 am
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WHO: Jane Foster and Youuuuu
TONE: General…?
RATING: Should be PG, PG13 tops
WHERE Astronomy tower
WHAT: Jane takes a break from studying. Kind of.
STATUS: Ongoing

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WHO: Kurloz & Rhys Rhydderch
TONE: Probably dark
RATING: R for disturbing themes
WHEN: 19th May - night time
WHERE: Starting in Slytherin dorms
WHAT: After Kurloz's first rather disastrous dream sharing with Rhys, this is attempt No. 2, going the other way around.
STATUS: Ongoing

Are NOT made of this )
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WHO: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff Quidditch Teams, NPC commentator
TONE: Competitive!
WHEN: Friday, May 17th
WHERE: Quidditch pitch
WHAT: Fourth match of the season!
STATUS: Completed


The important thing is not winning, it's making everyone else lose! )
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WHO: Thor Odinson, The Gryffindor Quidditch team and anyone who wants to watch some lions jump through hoops.
TONE: General/Fun
RATING: G (maybe worse if the naughty kids use bad words)
WHERE: Quidditch Pitch
WHAT: With one of the final matches drawing near, Thor decides to call upon his soldiers of love and beauty for a training session.
STATUS: Ongoing

To defeat the puffs )
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WHO: E. Aster Bunnymund & Meulin Leijon
TONE: Gen/Fluffy
WHEN: May 15
WHERE: Bunnymund's office
WHAT: A little extra help doesn't hurt, so Meulin decides to go to her teacher for some reviewing.
STATUS: Ongoing

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